The 2016 Moomba Boats Mondo is just that, MONDO! This 20-foot 6-inch water sports tow boat is not big in price or stature, but it offers huge performance and monster comfort. The wakes behind this little behemoth benefit from 590 kg’s of ballast perfect for rocking a curl or launching off both sides. The rough water ride and handling of the Mondo dwarf all other 20-footers. And the “MONDO” vibe continues on the inside with room for 13 people and convenient storage for all of their stuff. The only areas the Moomba Mondo doesn’t measure-up is its price and physical size. The Moomba Mondo is gigantic when you want it and tiny when you need it. The new Mondo is big on “no worries”.

Whether you’re into wake surfing, wakeboarding, knee boarding, slalom skiing or just cruising the lake the Moomba Mondo will come through big for you. You can fine tune the multi-discipline hull design for water conditions or wakes across the wake spectrum with the Multisport Wakeplate. Pull-up the new Swivle-head Pylon and the Mondo can accommodate a slalom set too. Set the perfect speed for your session with the new graphical Digital Cruise Pro II display. Fill the Gravity III-D Ballast to 1300 lbs or beyond as an upgradable quick-connect plumbed-in system. If you slide towards surfing take advantage of a Mondo curl unaffected by the swim platform with Surf+. If cruising is more your style, throttle the Indmar Assault 330feel the control of the rack and pinion steering commanding perfectly tuned under water gear. The Moomba Mondo will do it all and without leaving anyone at the dock.


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Click this link to see more Mondo running, exterior, interior and feature pictures: Boat Pictures


Overall Length w/o Platform: 6.25m | 20′ 6″
Overall Length w/ Platform: 6.86m | 22′ 6″
Width (Beam): 2.49m | 98″
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 2.49m | 98″
Draft: 0.64m | 25″
Weight – Boat only: 1,723kg | 3,800 lbs *
Weight – Boat & Trailer: 2,300kg | 5,070 lbs *
Capacity – Passenger: 13
Capacity – Weight: 907kg | 2,000 lbs
Capacity – Fuel: 147L | 39 gals
Capacity – Ballast (Standard): 590kg | 1,300 lbs
Capacity – Ballast (Optional): NA
Engine – Electronic Fuel Injection: 330 HP, V-8
*Estimate Only: Boat &/or Trailer Weight varies depending on options.