The 23-foot Moomba Mojo is casting a spell on water sports families with pro wakeboard wakes, competition surf waves, magical handling and great rough water ride. The Mojo enchants with a beautifully durable interior made larger for more comfortable seating and storage. With Gravity III-D Ballast weighing in at 907 kg’s, the 2015 Mojo conjures-up huge shapely wakes right off the factory floor. If you are looking to coax even more surf performance out of the Mojo, opt for the Surf Edition, which adds 226 kg’s of ballast and Flow Surf. The get-up-and-go behind the Mojo’s fun is the 400HP 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar.


Mojo Features

The bow has been widened and deepened to accept extra passengers safely and comfortably. The innovative design of the Mojo bow lends itself to this kind of accommodation. Add the available filler cushion and the relaxation expands.

The luxurious snap-out carpet or optional snap-out non-skid logo liner gives you the comfort of home along with ease of maintenance in extreme boating environments.

Built on one of the industry’s quietest fiberglass floor, deck and liner designs, the Mojo preserves the convenience of removable carpet without sacrificing low noise levels.

The new OzHD tower and stainless accents are just some of the features that make this Moomba wake boat seem less like a family option and more like a top-of-the-line offering.

Moomba allows you to brand your Mojo 2.5 with two different gelcoat patterns ‘classic’ or ‘torqued’, 21 optional gelcoat colours, as well 4 different base upholstery colours, and 7 different upholstery accent panels, so you can make the Mojo 2.5 all about your lifestyle.

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Overall Length w/o Platform: 7.01m | 23′
Width (Beam): 2.54m | 100″
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 2.54m | 100″
Draft: 0.70m | 27.5″
Weight – Boat only: 1,860kg | 4,100 lbs*
Weight – Boat and Trailer: 2,460kg | 5,425 lbs*
Capacity – Passenger: 17
Capacity – Fuel: 185L | 49 gals
Capacity – Ballast (Standard): 907kg | 2,000 lbs
Capacity – Extra Ballast (Optional Surf Upgrade): 226kg | 5,00 lbs
Engine – Electronic Fuel Injection: 400HP 6.2 liter Ford Raptor by Indmar

*Estimate Only: Boat &/or Trailer Weight varies depending on options.