Awarded the “Best-Value Boat in Wakeboarding”

The all new Mobius LS is a premium wakeboarding craft that’s totally decked out—with top-of-the-line details and a bottom line that’s just as attractive. The ergonomically designed dash is a driver’s delight, featuring an armrest, full instrumentation, dual tournament speedos and a Dino® Performance steering wheel for exceptional command. But don’t think we’ve given the driver all the great features. Your friends and family will love the new seat cushions with textured thigh rails and larger OD tubing on the tower. The LS also incorporates a standard rear ballast and an optional new split-rear ballast tank, as well as a CNC prop—now standard on every boat. And let’s not forget the newly redesigned hull, designed to produce advanced-size wakes without compromising the awesome handling and maneuverability of a direct-drive boat.