Now we’re talking. The same boat that pulls world-class athletes in the Gravity Games is available for you to purchase. 3,600 pounds of boat comes with a 1,950 pound one-touch fast-fill Gravity III ballast system as standard equipment. EZ Cruise will hold rider speed steady, while Indmar’s 5.7L V-8 325HP Multi Port Fuel Injected will rocket your riders out of the hole. And the hydraulic wakeplate manicures the massive wakes so that every rider can fine-tune the ride to best suit their personal riding style.

This year’s Gravity Game edition features a black, charcoal, and platinum gel coat that wraps this massive athlete in an amazingly sexy uniform. Big, strong, smart, and handsome, the 07 Gravity XLV is all the tournament tow boat a rider will ever need.

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