It’s true. Bigger, better wakes lead to more bragging rights. And thanks to a hull designed for more precision and handling, the 2018 Moomba Mojo will give you plenty to boast about.


Step up to a whole new level of more with the Mojo Pro. This premium towboat takes our best-selling Mojo and upgrades it with even more standard features, premium capabilities and attitude.


Launch right in the middle of it all with the 2018 Moomba Craz. The perfect blend of classic style and modern innovation, the Craz is total performance perfection.


Introducing the all-new 2018 Moomba Max. By taking the best of the proven Helix as its foundation, this boat redefines what it means to go big. And at nearly 23 ft with a crazy deep hull, there’s more than enough room to fit anything and everything.


At 20’ 6” the Mondo can do it all. It’s big enough to kick out massive wakes. Small and nimble enough to maneuver where you need it to. The Mondo is the ideal boat for someone who wants to go huge without committing to a beast.


What the 20’ 6” 2016 Moomba™ Mondo saves in size, it makes up for with big, powerful wakes that satisfy even the most seasoned rider. This garage-friendly boat sits comfortably behind your vehicle — perfect for both quick day trips and extended weekend getaways. But don’t let the Mondo’s easy-going size fool you, there’s still plenty of room for all your closest riding buddies to stay comfortable all day long.


The new 23-foot Moomba Mojo is casting a spell on water sports families with a new hull design producing pro level wakeboard wakes, competition surf waves, magical handling and great rough water ride. The Mojo enchants with a beautifully durable interior made larger for more comfortable seating and storage. With Gravity III-D Ballast weighing in at 2,000 pounds, the 2015 Mojo conjures-up huge shapely wakes right off the factory floor. if you are looking to coax even more surf performance out of the Mojo, opt for the Surf Edition, which adds 500-pounds of ballast and Flow Surf. The get-up-and-go behind the Mojo’s fun is the 400 6.2L Ford Raptor by Indmar.


This Moomba is not big on paper, but offers huge wide-bow interior comfort with monstrous water sports performance at an incredible value. The Mondo handles like a sports car and welcomes 13 peopl with a smooth ride. The wakes behind this little behemoth benefit from 1300 pounds of ballast for rocking a curl or launching off both sides.


The Mobius LSV is the all-around Moomba boat. The mobius LSV offers timeless style with enough comfort for a crew of 13, at a great value. This versatility extends to the waterline with a proven hull design that produces fun wakes across the spectrum of water sports for beginners to pros. The LSV’s high performance wakes win the hearts of riders with 1800 pounds of Gravity III-D Ballast. The available Surf Edition adds Flow Surf with 500 pounds of ballast for serious surfers.


Moomba Boats builds the 2015 Outback V to provide great value with versatile performance, a long feature list and a confortable interior. But, seriously, the Outback V is all about fun. Performance water sports features like 1200 pounds of Gravity III Ballast, Digital Cruise Pro speed control, the OZ tower with bimini, the Multi-sport wakeplate and a 330 5.7L Engine give you everything you need. If you want to dial up the waves opt for Flow Surf. The Outback V has social seating for 12, a walk-through open bow, a fiberglass transom walk-across, a Sony Sound System, a boat cover, pull-up cleats and a trailer. Seriously, the Moomba Outback V is fun!