The All-New 2019 Makai

Meet the Bold New Face of Moomba

Graduate into something greater from Moomba® with the big and sharp new 2019 Makai that features a new 7” touchscreen display and all-new Pro Tower with fold assist. It’s the next generation towboat that’s built to reset every expectation you have about Moomba.

The Autopilot System for your Wakes & Waves

AutoWake® with Multi-Sensor Technology features four patented* systems that work together to automatically and continuously manage the position of your hull for a precise and repeatable wake for every rider, in every water condition. *The AutoWake patented technology is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 8,798,825, 9,689,395, 9,828,075, 9,873,491 and other patents pending. See more at

Pro-level Fun Dripping in Style Points.

When your dreams are set for something bigger on the water, the 2019 Craz™ Pro is ready for your anything. It features our patented Flow 3.0, a new dash with 7" touchscreen display and an all-new Pro Tower with fold assist.

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